How to Download all Google Drive Files on PC or Mac

We all know that Google Drive is one of the most favored cloud storage services which help you save every kind of data. The Google Drive also allows the users to get back all the files to their device. Downloading all the files needs a lot of space.Therefore, to download all the data, you have to be pretty sure that you are connected to Wi-fi or else your downloading will be paused.

To Download all files from Google Drive

1.    Launch the Google Drive app in your device and all the data on your drive will be shown.

2.    Choose all files that you want to download and then press on the (…) icon. Many options will be present on the device.

3.    In the various options press on the Download option and the files will be automatically downloaded to your screen.

4.    You can also select the Make Available offline option to begin your downloading.

–    This procedure is also applicable to download images, videos, music files, documents and zip files. If you want to download large files from Google Drive, then you have to add just one additional step. You will have to go to a screen where the drive says that it can’t scan for virus in the file and then you have to select for Download Anyway option.

To Download Shared Files from Google Drive

This method is slightly different as the shared files can only be view in the Shared with me option in the main menu of Google Drive.

1.    Launch the Google Drive app in the device you want to download the files. You will find the “Shared with me” option in the main menu of Google Drive.

2.    Press on the option and the files that are shared with you on the device.

3.    Choose all the files together and press on the (…) icon/button and press the Download option. The files will then downloaded to the device.

4.    You can also choose the Make Available Offline option to save the files on your screen automatically or you can click on the Download button on the lower part of the screen to begin downloading.

–    The primary method to download all Google Drive files is the same but only a few steps might vary.

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